Leadership is accessible to everyone but does everyone want to become a leader? Can everyone become a leader? With enough determination, I believe that everyone has the ability to develop strong leadership skills.

For who?

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Professionnals


To build a strong foundation, align professional, personal, family, and social life, and define what is the most important for you to make the right decisions.


  • To influence rather than direct
  • To improve your communication skills, political sense and emotional intelligence
  • To have a better understanding of who you are
  • To experiment with new tools to have an impact on your environment
  • To build your self-confidence

My leadership philosophy

A leader needs to influence, inspire and create a sense of motivation to convince people to follow him/her to achieve or implement change. In order to succeed, one needs to be viewed as courageous, competent and credible and, more important, as a person who listens, asks questions, cares for people and “walks the talk.”

In my coaching practice, leadership is the most challenging competence that most Executive Managers, entrepreneurs, and professionals want to work on. Hard skills are not enough; managing by imposing, telling and directing is the secret recipe for short-term success. Time is so sensitive that people often take the fastest route to get to the finish line.

I believe that the first step is to gain a better understanding of who you are. By using assessments on EQ, management profiles, communication styles, energy level, lifestyle habits and 360-degree surveys, you will make significant discoveries.

The second step is to practice and experience. At the end of a coaching session, the client commits to working on a particular task and reporting the results at the next meeting.

Taking risks, getting out of the comfort zone, experiencing new tools, delegating, providing constructive feedback/feedforward, recognizing achievement, making challenging and unpopular decisions, having a vision, challenging the status quo…. Now that is a lot of work, commitment, time and goodwill.

How would you like to be influenced by Linda’s optimism, enthusiasm and creativity?

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