90-Day Onboarding Plan Program

I have been working with Executives, Managers, Professionals, and Project Managers during their onboarding period for the past 14 years . Having a structured onboarding plan based on interpersonal skills and know-how had a significant impact on their success.

Create and leave with a detailed personal onboarding plan - 45 tasks to achieve in 90 days.

Are you about to change jobs? 

Do not be a statistic! 

What is the difference between a personal and corporate onboarding plan? 

Are you a business, leadership, career or executive Coach? 


For who?

  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Professionals
  • Project Managers


  • To build a detailed 90-Day plan that will keep you focussed
  • To avoid traps and to identify opportunities
  • To have an impact rapidly while integrating smoothly
  • To keep you on-track and self-evaluate your progress 
  • To deliver what is expected
  • Succeed in your new role

Objectives of the Program

  • To prepare for day 1 (pre-onboarding period)
  • To create your 90-Day Onboarding plan
  • To establish a detailed list of tasks to achieve
  • To prepare your onboarding meetings with different levels of stakeholders
  • To know what to do and when (avoid traps)
  • To take a step back regularly and adjust your behavioral posture
  • To identify quick wins
  • To build your self-confidence

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  • 3 hours of video training
  • Quizzes to challenge your knowledge
  • Support documentation to download to help you prepare
  • A 90-day personal onboarding plan 


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