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Energy Level Indicator

The Energy Level Indicator (ELI) is a simple way to identify the leaks in our pool of energy. It provides a clear view on what we have to focus on to fix those leaks by ourselves or with a coach. Improving our energy level requires perseverance and patience. Sometimes, several months are necessary to arrive to a better energy level. Thanks to Coaching de Gestion Inc

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Nova Profile: a development tool

The Nova Profile takes less than 15 minutes and has 24 questions. You will learn about:

  • Your behaviors and others’
  • Your talents
  • Your psychological characteristics and motivations
  • The way you face challenges and change
  • The way you make decisions
  • Your leadership and communication style
  • Your role in a team

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Global Health Check

To be a balanced and inspiring leader, a resourceful entrepreneur, a determined professional, a creative artist, a solid family parent, what are you missing?

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