Who is She?

Linda Arsenault, Business coach

Following a twenty-year management career in the advertising and printing/document management fields, Linda Arsenault made her mark in entrepreneurship. She founded her company- L.A. Communication Inc. She followed her passion for cooking, tourism, and agriculture and published two books that would become “Bestsellers.” In 2008, she was named Personality La Presse/Radio-Canada and Personality Le Soleil/Radio-Canada and won Le Grand Prix du tourisme de Québec. Since 2009, she has focused her activities on business coaching.

Linda has over 4,500 hours of practice. She is an MCC coach (Master Certified Coach), and mentor coach certified by the ICF (International Coaching Federation). Her notoriety was built over the years by word of mouth, and she has become a reference in onboarding coaching thanks to her Leadership Onboarding Coaching Program ©. She supports managers in accelerating their integration of the first 100 days in a new role.

Linda mainly accompanies managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals whose objective is to become even better than they already are. She believes we all have THE KEY to success; sometimes it's about finding it, polishing it, or even changing the lock.

She believes that to be a good leader, to be solid, to have a good branding, and to lead by example, the balance is not negotiable. That is why lifestyle becomes an important topic. She likes to challenge the status quo, rules, and procedures. She does it in a fun, positive environment and her enthusiasm is contagious. She is determined to see her clients reach the results set in their strategic personal and professional plan, pushes them in a structured atmosphere, without neglecting moments of relaxation and laughs. Direct, Linda focusses on actions and results. Her creativity is part of her branding and therefore loves to co-create with her clients.

She has a way to keep her customers focused on expected results: rigor, benchmarks, deadlines and detailed game plans. She has a sense of economic reality and understands the importance of return on investment. She has a practical mind and likes to understand others to help them find solutions. 


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