Onboarding / the first 90 days

"Everything you say, everything you don't say...everything you do and don't do, will be noticed and amplified during the first few weeks"

 “We hire on skills and fire/quit on relationships.”

About to start a new role in a new company? 

The onboarding period (first 90 days) begins as soon as you accept the new role. Your branding, communication and onboarding plan must, therefore, be carefully thought out and aligned with the company's values and context.

For who?

  • Managers starting a new role in a new company
  • Managers just promoted within the same company
  • Managers starting a new role or to be promoted within the same company


  • 40 % of Executive Managers are dismissed or quit within 18 months:
    • 82% were unable to build a strong internal network
    • 58% did not understand what was expected from them
    • 50% did not adapt to the culture of the company
    • 47% did not understand the priorities
  • 22% are dismissed or leave within three months
  • 30% are already looking for a job within the first six months
  • 30% do not deliver the expected results
  • 46% would consider a job offer within six months
  • 6.2 months is the average longevity of new hires

Let me guide and support you to accelerate your onboarding period and therefore avoid the traps and identify the precious opportunities. Let’s structure your onboarding period with a strategic plan aligned with your new employer’s expectations, values, and environment. Let's discuss it!


  • To identify the values and context
  • To avoid pitfalls (like wanting to deliver to quickly)
  • To identify opportunities
  • To increase success rate
  • To align business goals with yours
  • To implement a business plan that delivers results, leadership and builds short-term credibility
  • To receive tools that will provide autonomy during your onboarding period
  • To develop new skills 

Would you prefer a web-based training?

There your go! 90-Day Onboarding Plan       

  • You will leave with your own 90-day plan
  • 3 hours of training to do on your time
  • 8 modules, 60 sections
  • Quiz
  • Documentation to download




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