Onboarding / the first 90 days

Starting a new job?


Whether you are launching your career, hunting for that dream job, eyeing a game-changing career move, navigating a crucial professional shift, or just starting out with some lingering doubts, this program will be a valuable tool throughout your career.

For who?

  • Managers starting a career in a new company.
  • Managers who have been promoted within the same company.
  • Managers seeking their next challenge.
  • Managers interviewing for a new field.
  • Managers considering a job change in the coming months.
  • Managers who have been in their position for about 3 months and are reflecting.
  • Future professionals who have just completed their studies and are about to start their first job.

10 reasons to create your personalized game plan:

  1. Reduce worry, stress, and anxiety
  2. Facilitate a quick start in your new role
  3. Speed up cultural adaptation
  4. Enhance integration within the team
  5. Avoid pitfalls by wanting too much too fast
  6. Structure a step-by-step strategy
  7. Boost confidence by clarifying expectations
  8. Prevent misunderstandings and confusion
  9. Take impactful actions at the right time
  10. Strategize important actions and interactions at key moments

For making an impact, swiftly assuming your role, and maximizing your success!

Allow me to work side by side with you to expedite your onboarding process, enabling you to identify all the opportunities and steer clear of the many pitfalls it entails. Using specially designed tools, you will develop an onboarding game plan aligned with the expectations of your new employer. Feel free to reach out to me to discuss further.

10 challenges when changing jobs: 

  1. Adapting to a new corporate culture
  2. Pressure to perform quickly
  3. Acquiring new skills
  4. Building relationships with new colleagues
  5. Mastering new responsibilities
  6. Managing stress and uncertainty
  7. Setting expectations
  8. Navigating the learning curve
  9. Maintaining work-life balance
  10. Understanding internal processes

For making an impact, swiftly assuming your role, and maximizing your success!    

Would you prefer an online program?

 90-Day Onboarding Plan

  • You will leave with your own 90-day plan
  • 3 hours of training to do on your time




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